ATB tour Grenzeloos 2014


Today my first ATB tour with the Garmin Edge 800, the Grenzeloos 2014 tour. Each year they offer one of (if not THE) best ATB tours in this specific area. They offer 2 distances, one of 45km and the other of 30km. Today I did the 30km. It was a very nice, and at times a challenging tour, with more than 300hm (height meters or meters climbing).

The weather was very nice, sun was shining, with temperatures of about 4oC. The trail itself was pretty muddy, but that was to be expected with all that rainfall lately. Many people showed up and I believe they hit well over 700 participants.

The max altitude was 106m according my GPS, with a total elevation gain of 316m. Total distance, for me, was almost 45km, but that’s because I had to ride a little over 7km (each way) to get to the starting point. Average speed 17.8km/h (snail pace ;-)). My average heart rate 77% of Max, which is not bad. It should have been a little lower, because my max heart rate was estimated lower than the actual max heart rate. Since this was my first ride with a heart rate monitor, I had to guess my max heart rate, and I guessed a little too low. My guess wasn’t that bad, actually, because I set it at 178, where the actual (during this ride) was measured at 182bpm.

My average cadans was calculated at 72rpm. The max rpm monitored was 183, but I’m pretty sure this was misread by the device, so strike that measurement.

All data can be seen in below picture. The trail itself can be downloaded here, as a GPX file. Later I’ll aso post a movie of the event.