ATB training status


This day, the 16th of Feb 2014, my current status of mountain biking is: Read More...

ATB tour Grenzeloos 2014


Today my first ATB tour with the Garmin Edge 800, the Grenzeloos 2014 tour. Each year they offer one of (if not THE) best ATB tours in this specific area. They offer 2 distances, one of 45km and the other of 30km. Today I did the 30km. It was a very nice, and at times a challenging tour, with more than 300hm (height meters or meters climbing). Read More...

Garmin Edge 800


So, The first item of my wish list can be checked off the list. Today I bought the Garmin Edge 800, performance bundle. The Garmin Edge 800 is a bike specific GPS device, that can be used for mountain biking as well as road biking. Read More...

My ATB gadget wish list


On the top of my mountain (and road)bike wish list is a GPS navigation device. Actually also on my motor wish list, but that one isn't compatible with the pedal powered bikes, to the other way around for that matter :-( Read More...

Let there be light


A few months ago I thought about riding my mountain bike during weekdays, instead of weekends only. My only problem was that during winter time it’s dark outside, especially in the evenings ;-)
So, instead of thinking in limitations, I started thinking in opportunities. If I wanted to ride in the dark I simply needed light(s). Read More...

Action cam


Look what I got for Christmas this year. A nice little video camera, also called an action cam. Brand name: Sony. Type: HDR-AS30V. This action cam is comparable to the famous GoPro branded camera’s. It can shoot up to 1080 in 60FPS. It also has 2 slo-mo settings, with the slowest setting at a ¼ speed (or 120FPS). Read More...