Size My Bike

Size My Bike is a neat little App on my iPhone. It's very simple and has limited functionality. It does one thing, and one thing only: it sizes your bike, based on your body dimensions. But it does that for road bikes and mountain bikes. Each has a subset of different riding styles, although I personally think that has limited value. Most people interested in correctly setting up their bikes will be performance riders.

Here's a picture showing the results for the calculated setup of my road bike (units in mm):


I already have a bike with frame size 590mm, which I always thought to be on the small side. This app tells me it's on the large side ...
Anyways, I'm not going to buy a new bike, so I will have to settle for my LARGE frame.

This app did tell me that my bike was set up completely wrong. I had some work to do:
  • A: Saddle height. My saddle was way too high, several cm's actually (yes cm's, not mm's). So as a first step I lower the saddle.
  • B: Saddle setback was very close, no changes made.
  • C: Top tube. This is part of the bike. Since I already have my bike, it's nothing I can change right now. Thing is, it's perfect.
  • D: Crank length. Suggestion is 175mm. I have 172.5mm cranks. I could change this, but it would cost me too much. So, again, no changes made.
  • E: Stem length. My stem measured too long, being 120mm. Luckily I had another stem sitting in my spare parts bin with the correct length, or at least very close. Stem replaced.
  • F: Stem height. This again was way off, but is directly related to the saddle height. By lowering my saddle, this dimension also came in spec.

Although I haven't (been able to) changed that much, it's a whole different ride. I took it out for a little spin to test the new setup, and it felt ... weird. It didn't feel bad at all, just weird. I guess I just have to get used to it. After a few rides I won't be able to tell the difference, I guess. Now hopefully it will help me to ride better, stronger, faster ...

Next steps: setup my mountain bike.