Just ordered a Scottoiler KTM system from because they had a 20% discount this weekend. The Scottoiler KTM system is (of course) more expensive than a universal system, but if I wanted cheap, I should have bought another bike ;-)

The Scottoiler system is a vacuum-operated chain lube system . The KTM system is just a vSystem, so w/o the electronic controller on the handlebar. Exactly what I wanted. The eSystem sounds great, but I don't want an additional box hanging on my handlebar. I need that space for my future Garmin navigation ...
Lubing my chain has always been an annoyance. It's time consuming and has to be repeated frequently if you want your chain to last. Last year I had a two day tour, of which one day of rain. I lubed my chain the day before the tour. At the end of day one (the rainy day), my chain was as dry as desert sand. Luckily one of my buddies had a can of lube in his luggage. This won't happen again now.

Within a few days it should arrive to my doorsteps. Can't wait to start installing it on my bike. The workshop is still very cold, but working on my bike will make me feel warm ;-)
Can't wait for winter to end. It hasn't been that bad at all until now, but I just can't stand it anymore. I should move South to warmer places I guess. Could ride my bike all day.