Garmin Edge 800


So, The first item of my wish list can be checked off the list. Today I bought the Garmin Edge 800, performance bundle. The Garmin Edge 800 is a bike specific GPS device, that can be used for mountain biking as well as road biking. It has mapping function, which is very nice if you want to navigate during a ride. It’s not comparable to car navigation because there’s no spoken directions. Other then that, it’s pretty similar.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. For the total package I had to pay €250,- which is more than €100 down from the regular price. The package included: the device itself (duh), charger, USB cable, heart rate monitor, cadans sensor, 2x bike mount and 1x Garmin out-front bike mount.

Now, if it wasn’t for this great deal I would have bought the Edge 810, which has Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone and a few other (tiny) improvements. But the Edge 810 goes for a minimum of €429,- which is a hell of a lot more. For this huge difference it was a no-brainer for me. Now I only have to set it up and install all sensors on the bike.