Let there be light


A few months ago I thought about riding my mountain bike during weekdays, instead of weekends only. My only problem was that during winter time it’s dark outside, especially in the evenings ;-)
So, instead of thinking in limitations, I started thinking in opportunities. If I wanted to ride in the dark I simply needed light(s). And searching the internet, there’s plenty of options. One brighter than the other. You could make a study out of it, but that would take time. And I didn’t want to study lights, I wanted to ride. Then I ran into this BBB light. A brand new design, just released to the market. WOW. These lights are beautiful. There’s two versions: 800 lumen and 1300 lumen. The price difference is small, so I decided to go for 1300 lumen. That turned out to be a ‘bright’ choice (pun intended). The whole package is built to last. My only gripe would be the plastic handle bar mount. For a design like this, it should have been made out of aluminum (or titanium).

The battery pack has a few red (low power) LED’s to indicate battery level. It also functions as a tail light ... smart. Although smart, it doesn’t work for me. It would require a long wire running from the front to the back of my bike. That’s not minimalistic and a little bit cumbersome. So, I run a separate tail light.